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Special days, special times, special weather!

A Special Event

Last week we held the very special March Hare Treasure hunt! A special venture with the Ski Club of Great Britain. A challenge of two halves, teams used the old DHO piste map which has been adapted for modern day use! First they had to find a location for transceiver search training. Then they had to find a bar! Nearby they conducted a timed transceiver search. The team that completed the search the fastest, won!

March Hare 2018 Winners Picture
March Hare 2018 Winners

The weather was fantastic all day. The snow magnificent and that company fantastic. Myself, Peter and Ruth managed three laps of the Lauberhorn Chairlift skiing untracked new snow before 9am! We were then suitably ready to train, time and support the teams as required. A huge thank you to all the Ski Leaders that helped make the event happen and of course for the prizes etc. the Ski Club of Great Britain 

A View Picture
A View

We’ve had some magnificent days skiing recently. We would have of course preferred better visibility, however we have seen the mountains every week and we have had some super fun. We’ve skied round gates, made turns in fresh snow, ate lentil soup, survived train transfers round the bottom of the valley due to storms: It’s been great.

It is snowing again at the moment and it may be a little sunny tomorrow; it seems there is always something to look forward too – even it is already next years skiing holiday. Oh the memories. Just over a week ago I had a friend out for the first time, she loved the place. It is so motivating taking a new visitor to the area around and being reminded how amazing it is.

To end this short blog, here are a few more pictures.

Look out for this last guy in fancy dress tomorrow night in the club room (Wednesday 22/03). Oh and we’ll have a band on Thursday night!