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No 1. Its all about you! What is important. What do you want to know.

All about You!

Not really I suppose. But it is about some of you, and of course the more people involved the more of you it will be about! Next week it’s the AICC for instance. If you are going then I hope your line choice is amazing, your ski’s slide wonderfully and you make your captain proud. Here’s a a link to the website if this has intrigued you. Next year, 2021 the 14th AICC, we’re hosting it in Wengen.

Last week Tessa & Richard got their name on another Cup. Nice! The Kurverein Crystal, a pairs race, sponsored by the the Wengen Tourist Office. Thank you so very much and Well done to the others. Second place Laura & Stephen and of course Sarah & John. Brilliant efforts from everyone and I of course hope you all had fun. We used Toblerone bars as batons in the race; then they were devoured.

The Idle Skier.

Do you love Wengen, skiing, mountains, chats and pictures? Have a look at this then: 

Sunday’s comments in the above blog mention the work on the new Eiger Express. The storms of the winter have brought delays, they were 20 days behind at the end of November; but have been trying to catch up since. I might know more soon. Why? Because this week we have the Railway Cup, a fun race put on for us by the Jungfraubahn. We normally get a wee speech about the various goings on. I’ll tell you about it next week.

Another fab day for you and me.

Friday was pretty darn good. Was it you and me? I suppose it couldn’t have been many of you as there was only five of us. But, we did have a whale of a time. Past Scottish skiing experience has really helped me this winter. Ski’s travel very well over cold frozen heather, sometimes just out of sight over the brea of the hill is a pitch of untouched lovely snow.

Some things love it when the snow clears a little and their favourite haunts are available again.

Wildlife 1

Once again here’s the link to our website information about the AICC

Recent Fun


Here is a wee film of the illustrious Phantom Lightfoot. We were filming for proof for the pilates instructor! A brilliant morning was had by many many people. The wind had dropped, the snow had fallen and my did we smile?


I hope you’ve enjoyed this update from the winter in Wengen. The snow fall of these last few days has been amazing. If you are coming out you will be very pleased. It will be all about you ;-)