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March Hare, deeper than expected snow and a Presidents Party

March Hare

The March Hare Treasure hunt on Wednesday was a success. Of course schedule an all over the mountain challenge and you schedule appalling weather! The cloud provided a great shroud for people hiding. The cloud also added extra difficulty to the teams competing in the challenge.

Thick Cloud at Kleine Sceidegg Picture
Thick Cloud at Kleine Sceidegg

We had 8 brave teams register for the Treasure Hunt . Our first Ski Club of Great Britain and DHO joint venture for some time. The teams that succeeded in following the clues round the mountain were very pleased with themselves. Especially as at times that could barely see each other let alone more than one piste pole. As they skied they were required to notice chicks on sledges, building heights, rings in posters and complete a transceivers search.The prizes provided by the Ski Club of Great Britain, the DHO and the Wengen Tourist Office meant something for everyone. Four fantastic Ortovox bags, yoga matts, pen knives, pad locks and chocolate. The rewards were deserved by all who participated because of the foul weather. The main prize went to the team that completed a transceiver search in the least time. 2 teams completed their search in under 4 minutes. The Schwyz Girls were the winners with a search time of 3 minutes 20 seconds. Their search was described as professional by the adjudicator. :-)

A huge thank you to Rebecca in the SCGB events Team our own Vice President Don and the Allmend restaurant for all their help before, during and after the event. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

An unexpected day in freshly fallen snow

Earlier this week we had some lovely spring conditions to drift around the mountain on. Those nice patches of snow too shallow of gradient to ski in deep snow. They are suddenly a delight to skim across on your way to the Alpengruss for a coffee. That was a bit of a surprise as I had not been sure it had been cold enough to create a decent crust to ski on, but on that morning it had.

On Thursday we woke to nicer than expected weather and much more snow than I was expecting. One forecast had suggested 20 cm, I was sceptical. Once on the mountain (unfortunately missing someone who would have loved to have been with us, sorry John) we jumped around in deep and variable fresh snow. It was variable, sometimes changing during a turn. If we could have been a little higher……. needed to be with http://www.swissalpineguides.ch/english/index.html for that! That said, we had a super ski in super snow and good company.

IMG 20170321 092919 1 Picture

The Presidents Party

The Club was alive on Tuesday evening from 6pm. There was a brilliant turn out for the Presidents Party and they all enjoyed the prepared culinary delights. It was lovely to see everyone, even those who could only come for a short while. A few stayed till just after 8pm when they decanted to Anonym to continue the fun.We were especially proud to welcome Lotti and Fred from the Jaegerstubli Restaurant. They are hanging up their aprons after multiple decades feeding skiers in their fabulous ‘Hunters Room’. We wish them love in their next challenges and adventures together.

Lotti and hubby preparing for retirement picture
Lotti and hubby preparing for retirement

Presidents Party 2017 Picture
Presidents Party 2017

As was said on the evening, thank you to all who made the party possible. Thank you to all those in Wengen Village that entertain, feed, hydrate, equip and accommodate so many of our members on a weekly basis. We hope to keep being noticeable to this local economy for all the right reasons for ever!