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Some Results, Some Pictures, Some Comments!

Some Results:

Last week we had the Polytechnic races including the Gillian Davies cup. We managed to run the race despite bad weather,broken chair lifts and some very cold children and adults. I have promised to highlight an error in the presented results on the night. Mr Humphryes did actually beat Mrs Humphryes! He was delighted when his daughter noticed the type error. Here are the Gillian Davies & Polytechnic results.

Gillian Davies Results 2018

Some Pictures

IMG 8714 Picture

Some Comments

Well its been a busy couple of weeks, hence the big gap between blogs. We’ve sun, wind, snow, fun, races and a good amount of skiing. The last two weeks have had one glorious alpine day; sunshine. cold air and great snow. Last week I had pleasure of doing three days with Coggins. The girls and boys I skied with were great fun and all working hard towards being great skiers.

Yesterday the pisted Oh God! run was quite hard. We could almost have sat at the bottom having a pic-nic and enjoying the entertainment. Everything was fine until people sat down on the slope. Then there was no stopping them!

Despite the bad weather there were 50 racers for the Polytechnic and Gillian Davies Cups and then another fun Friday with fresh snow and decent weather. Well done everyone, participation really showed endurance.

Sadly some are not here this winter through health and others have recently found themselves in hospital. Mine and many others thoughts are with them all and wish everyone a speedy recovery.

Currently more than the usual whole mountain is open. We have first time pistes in Murren, we have a pisted Oh God!. Gummi Nord is pisted all the runs are multiple pistie beastie tracks wider than normal. In short, it is fabulous. Its been great to see alI I’ve seen; and I’m looking forward to those I’m yet to see this winter.