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Well we wanted snow! Friends, skiing and pictures.

McMillan Week, racing, friends and fresh snow.

Many friends arrived in Wengen over the last fortnight. Many of them coming for the races of McMillan Week. I’m sorry this blog has been a while in coming. Please let me know if you read it and if there is any thing in particular you would like to hear about.

At the start of this week we amazed at how fast the Tschuggen Piste was running. Then come the morning of the race it started to snow. Really snow! The course was super slow and super soft. 25 lined up just below the old start hut. They looked intently down the course. Some more nervous than others. All were excited. Many of us were wondering where Freddy was, as he had not arrived yet. In fact I had to start the race before our Journal Editor arrived! 12:05 they were off. The winner, Roland Zimmerman, crossed the line almost 4 minutes later. Closely followed by a very happy Sean Hinde, who had no idea how close James Gallagher was behind him. In a flash it was over. Don’t have any idea what I’m talking about? This is George’s video from a few years ago.


Here are a few pictures from this year.

The Tourist Cup

We ran this on the Maennlichen rennestrecke (race piste). It was an excellent course and massive amount of fun. Combined time of two runs to win. So crashing lost you all chance of  winning. James Gallagher won this, making him a hot contender for the McMillan and the Combination cup. Slightly overcast but brilliant snow.

Some pictures of ski days, oh and a wee trip into White Hare!

Wengen Skiing 8 picture

On McMillan evening we were delighted to award the Waldo Cup – a cup to say thank you for services to the club – to Roger Schoones. Thanks Roger. We also said a huge thank you to Sarah Hoyle as she has handed over the baton of club secretary to Deborah Flindall. Thank you and good luck! As well as this Sina Cova came as our new Honorary Swiss President. Thank you Sina for accepting. We are looking forward to many years celebrating and working with you.

The snow here in Wengen is fantastic so if you are coming next week – be very excited!