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Winter wishes from Wengen, Happy Easter, Safe Travels and a snowier winter next season

It would be difficult to be less snowy than it has been this winter. However, remember all the snow making we have already and the coming investment to link Mannlichen to Kleinescheidegg will mean it will keep getting better, even without significant snow fall. Next winter has good odds of being more snowy than this one. Why you ask; I’m just being hopeful really. We have enjoyed the sunshine though. I have not counted how many days of sun we’ve had this winter, but it has been a lot!

The spring skiing over the last few weeks has been brilliant. So good, it sometimes feels like you can ski up hill.

Winter changes are inevitable.

Some days we have small groups.

Peter Nigel Wendy 3 Picture

Other days we have larger groups.

Groups 2017 9 Picture

Always a pleasure skiing with everyone. I particularly remember a day in Murren (of which we had many this winter) with 16! Everyone assumed we would end up splitting into smaller groups. Come the three o’clock (ish) train, there we were, still together.

Next winter we may even have some sort of pre-registration system for skiing with me or the Ski Leader? Even if we don’t you can always email me and let me know you’re coming.

An Aside:

The role of Club President has been filled by Michael Woodhall for the last 4 years. Michael has softened the blow to several ego’s, mediated differences between many parties and facilitated goodwill towards men everywhere. Thank you.

Presidents Party 2017 3 Picture

A wee slide show.

Here is a selection of pictures from the winter, with some peaceful music (Adagio for strings). I confess 7 of the views are not from this winter of 2016, 2017. However, all the people pictures are.


It is always a little sad when you have to accept change. The spring has most certainly sprung. And we need to go home, we also need somewhere to live in Wengen next winter! Some ski instructors have already moved on to their summer jobs. Although others are still heading up to Kleinescheidegg on a packed train every morning. I think we will call this the sunny winter! There have been lots of opportunities for sitting and gazing at our wonderful Wengen views with a G&T in hand.

Remember if you fancy a summer holiday in the area, there will be club activities on the week either side of Swiss Day (1st August), check your email for notices from the club. If you think we don;t have your email then you can send it to the membership secretary or me through the contact page on the website. https://www.downhillonly.com/contact-us/

See you next year.

And finally