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2 Sunny days, 4 Snowy days and Mixed Emotions

Interesting Days

As you know days in the mountain village of Wengen are often interesting. That is why so many of us keep coming back. Days in the mountains are interesting too. Because they can be so stable and so changeable. We had a very interesting 12 days welcoming Mark to the fold. And, following a successful ticking off of the check list, he set off home on Wednesday. By which time we had 3 and bit days of snow. The mountain was fully covered, from head to toe. Not with just a dusting either.

We’ve had some classic powder days now. On Thursday the hills were alive with the whoops and hollers of powder hounds. As it was still quite cloudy, the noises echoed in the mist around us. Here’s a picture of how deep the snow was:

deep days

Granted he is only little

deep days

But, that is still very deep

deep days

and, breathe!

Interesting, perhaps. But, not exciting.

So the little guy had an injury this week. Maybe an hour after the photo’s above, he had a fall in the powder snow and twisted his knee. So he has a few days off the skis now. The following days will also find him using crutches, wearing a knee support and perhaps even sitting still.

The odds are good that he will get a run or two in again before the end this winter. He’s been well looked after. Thank you to everyone that is here and has been able to support us and Lachlan. And to reiterate, he is not very broken, just a badly sprained knee. This means he only needs time and a little rest to heal.

Days out of Wengen

This week we also had to pop to Interlaken for our pictures and fingerprints and signatures. Why? Well we had to do this for the winter permits, once they arrive they are only valid until 15th of April! We’ll be on the road home on the 7th. I had meant to pop down last week and start the car. I hadn’t. So, following the very cold weekend, we had come down to non starting car. Of course, by the time we knew this we had missed the train.

There are no taxi’s in Lauterbrunnen at the moment. So a taxi from Interlaken would not have got us to our appointment on time either. Lachlan, highlighted another option. We could thumb a lift!

To be perfectly honest, I would not have told about this. However, after the sticking out of the thumbs, we were picked up. I know, what a risk in these times we find ourselves in. Not against the rules here in Switzerland, but a risk all the same. Hands disinfected, masks donned, we accepted this act of kindness and made our appointment on time.

Thank you. Should you be in Wengen in the summer (or otherwise) and fancy a trip out of town for Lunch. Then please consider Chez Laurance, for your lunch one day.

days out

The Kind Chef

To assist your planning and for your further research here is her Website:


Also, I’m delighted to say some black and red cables and a friends car were close to hand and the car battery is all up and running again too.

Days in the near future

From Monday we can gather in groups of 10 indoors again. So hopefully next week we will be able to host some friends in our clubroom a few evenings in the week. I’ll tell you about it in the next blog.

We’re talking about our February ski holiday next winter. We’re wondering should we already have booked?

Anyway, here are some more pictures from this week.

snow days

An overnight snowfall

lost days

those tracks… Mr Myles got a little lost.

Mountain Days

The Eiger kept grabbing my attention

Freeride World Tour 2021

I love it. and I love sharing some of these most excellent short ski clips.

Here’s the taster for the finals in Verbier, very soon:

Stay Safe Everyone.

Live, Laugh, Love.