Everything happening with the DHO in and around Wengen

Forward a Year

This is the archive for all of the Wengen Managers Blog 2016 – 2017. The Wengen Manager is based in Wengen from the middle of December until the Middle of April. This matches the opening and closing of the slopes in the area for the winter season.

A quiet week with lovely Spring snow and a fun race.

This spring week did not have as much sun as people would have ideally wished, but we had enough. Hayley and I were delighted Lachlan received his blue star badge as well as seeing his cousin also achieve Blue Princess. A spring success. On Wednesday morning we were treated to a fantastic snow fall, this […]

Winter wishes from Wengen, Happy Easter, Safe Travels and a snowier winter next season

It would be difficult to be less snowy than it has been this winter. However, remember all the snow making we have already and the coming investment to link Mannlichen to Kleinescheidegg will mean it will keep getting better, even without significant snow fall. Next winter has good odds of being more snowy than this […]

Sunday, not quite! But here is a little more about the Odling Cup

I know it is not Sunday. Sunday came and went, as it does every week! And so finally here are some comments and pictures about the Odling Cup. It’s not Sunday, but here are the overall results: Odling Cup 2017 Results Caroline The Winner Caroline was very pleased to win the cup, her aggressive but […]

Looking forward to the new season

October, the month we can talk openly about looking forward to the winter again.The new gear guides are out, the resort scores released, extreme ski movies are being streamed live (Did you catch the Snowboarder movie by Travis Rice ‘The Fourth Phase’ on Sunday 2/10 at 9pm, it was almost educational! As well as including some […]

Sunshine, trips to Murren, high excitement and; high breakfasts

The day after Murren we had a Helicopter trip The day after our DHO Ski run to Murren some went on a trip in a helicopter. Mark drove over from Zug and John from the Ski Club of Great Britain came down with me on the 0642 train. We met the other Swiss freeriders at […]

The skiing day after the night before! Wall to wall sunshine, 24 hours of rain.

I’ll start at the end. Skiing today. My weight was too far back. I sank. The good news is I got through round one of the Pool race, the sinking happened in round two. (you can now imagine a slightly disappointed but not quite crying emoji!) Others were very successful, congratulations to Hannah for 4th […]

March Hare, deeper than expected snow and a Presidents Party

March Hare The March Hare Treasure hunt on Wednesday was a success. Of course schedule an all over the mountain challenge and you schedule appalling weather! The cloud provided a great shroud for people hiding. The cloud also added extra difficulty to the teams competing in the challenge. Thick Cloud at Kleine Sceidegg We had […]

Curry, Powder, Racing and Escorting

I have not actually been for a Curry in the Golden India Wengen yet. However I have so far only heard stirling reports. For those of you who read this blog (A number I hope increases almost weekly?) I’m sorry, this only comes today and it will be fairly short. There should be more again […]

The Tourist office a Cultural conduit, fresh snow and another great day out!

A race sponsored by the Tourist Office: The Kurverein Crystal That was on Thursday. This race headed up by the Tourist Office (Kurverein) since 1966, has always been competed for in pairs. Hugh And Martin This pair managed to get 5th place overall. The challenge to ski the course in the same time as your […]

The Polytechnic race, fine weather, fine company, soft snow and grippy piste

The Polytechnic, Junior Polytechnic and Snoggin’s Cups, under the Gillian Davies cup umbrella. They were all competed for on Thursday 16th February, under a glorious sun on a magnificent piste. Many people thanked me for the weather and the conditions: I must be honest though, I have nothing to do with it! The Course Polytechnic […]