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This is the archive for all of the Wengen Managers Blog 2018 – 2019. The Wengen Manager is based in Wengen from the middle of December until the Middle of April. This matches the opening and closing of the slopes in the area for the winter season.

A bit about what I love about spring in Wengen.

What I love in Spring Wengen: It is most definitely spring here now. I love the spring in Wengen, despite not being that keen on sitting in the sun – it is not very hot in the shade! There is a weight bearing crust on much of the off-piste areas and the piste goes through […]

The McMillan Prize giving

Here’s a nice selection of pictures showing all the winners from this years McMillan races, hopefully I got at least one reasonable picture of everyone who won a trophy, some of you of course won more than one, so many congratulations to everyone who took part, and a few more congratulations if you got your […]

A set of Results, some comments and pictures

To follow some results from past races, one from today and of course some pictures. Past Results: This was the Super G, held just before the Inferno this winter. Bib# Name Finish Time 18 Alex Maienfisch 71.864 9 Jonathan Crockett 79.224 34 Evan Bolle-Jones 79.381 6 Tom Perrot 79.488 21 Thomas Clayton 79.95 24 William […]

Another great week in Wengen & the Railway Cup

Another Great Week in Wengen. Not just because I was awarded the Railway Cup this week. Thank you Nigel, I am truly delighted. Thank you Marco, for another fun Railway Cup. The trip to First was very much enjoyed, despite the wind and mist and cloud and slow snow! I mention the slow snow because […]

Kurverein Crystal, some new snow and great piste.

The Kurverein Crystal: On the Bumps Piste the day before the fresh snow arrived. We set an 11 gate GS race. Between the 5th and 6th gate a Toblerone baton had to be passed from racer one to racer two. On the day the weather was magnificent; I was in a T-shirt by 09:30. 10 […]

Tourist Cup 2019

Here are the Full Results of the Tourist Cup 2019 and a Gallery of images for all of those who took part in February’s race on the Mannlichen Race Track. I managed, I think, to get at least one picture of everyone and two of most people. Team Name DHO      Start List Name […]

Hi Everyone. A starter for 10! Fun, Fabulous, Fast.

McMillan week and Fresh Snow What a 14 days! To be honest skiing wise it has been a fantastic season so far. Great weather and snow at Christmas and New Year. The weekend of the Lauberhorn Downhill was great fun with great weather. We’ve had our biggest ever Inferno Team, the race ran from top […]

McMillan a comment, and Pictures

I know a video of the McMillan course is awaited. I still have not managed to get one somewhere I can upload it! Grrrrrrr. However it remains a work in progress. February has been phenomenal. Blue Skies, fresh powder, great snow, suprisingly empty pistes (some times) and as always great company. Some Pictures: Many of […]