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This is the archive for all of the Wengen Managers Blog 2020 – 2021

The Wengen Manager is based in Wengen from the middle of December until the Middle of April. This matches the opening and closing of the slopes in the area for the winter season.

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What would you call it on the 25th?

Aye, What a special day! For nowt might make us happy as company and shelter. What then, to ski on a day which is a belter, fresh fallen snow and naebody there, I canae believe it, no time to stare. What would you call it? Fresh, magnificently groomed piste. Its grooves were clear to the eye […]

Missing you! It is really wintery, cold snowy but too quiet!

Quietest Week of the season We’re missing everyone. It always is. That is, the quietest week of the winter, the one after the Lauberhorn Downhill. Now, nobody in Switzerland has any holidays left. And this year it is difficult for lots of other people to get here. Normally we have the INFERNO race to break […]

First trips and First podium finishes

First queues Another roller coaster of a week. A successful  trip to ski at First. It was cold, the snow was good and the company excellent. In groups of not more than 5 (there are restrictions and guidance here too) we whipped down the mountain. Got the 121 bus at the new terminal and headed […]

The Eiger Express transformed the normal. You must use it when you can.

Normal Transformed Like if you haven’t transformed your membership status, then join the club here: Membership – Downhill Only Ski Club What other normals have been transformed? Well, I’m referring to Wengen and Skiing in the Jungfrauregion. 2 winters ago it was normal to avoid the Holenstein midstation in all but the quietest of times, […]

Joy. Unexpected in one government email!

Joy? Joy is perhaps a strong word. We have finished our period of quarantine today. On the 21st of December the Swiss government asked everyone who had arrived from the UK and South Africa since the 14th of December to quarantine for 10days. Oh the Joy! We’ve tried our best to keep up with the […]

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it. Christmas 2020

 Life, but not as we know it! An understatement. Life does roll on. I can droll on. However, here I shall attempt to only droll on about skiing and Wengen. To follow, sadly will include some of the negative bits about life just now. A touch unavoidable. Apart from to say that our thoughts, my […]

Videos, 1, 2, 3 more? Maybe not but one any way

Videos from this week and pictures. Ok. So as I said in the title, videos? heres a video: When was that: This was on Friday the 18th of December 2020. I was skiing with brand new member Rebecca, who said she had a great time. Which I was pleased about. I left her having a […]

More guidelines and 1st snow, fond yet stand offish greetings, Wengen!

More Guidelines and 1st Snow I’ve arrived safely in Wengen. Kathleen was great company on what was thank fully an uneventful journey. I was prepared for all sorts of guidelines. However, we drifted south until we reached a snowy Lauterbrunnen. This 1st snow for me was the result of the 1st snow fall of the […]

A Starter for 10! Following the drama of a vastly different year.

Nostalgia: Starting with 2017, Dramatic times and different memories. 2018: 2019 2020 Vastly different, well it wasn’t initially. Starting Again Its that time again. Winter is Starting. Although by this time normally, you’ve commited to your holiday week, you’ve been to the shops, you’ve possibly even bought your lift pass. This year there is a […]