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This is the archive for all of the Wengen Managers Blog 2020 – 2021

The Wengen Manager is based in Wengen from the middle of December until the Middle of April. This matches the opening and closing of the slopes in the area for the winter season.

Lost for words! What a wonderful place

Lost for words. I was. On Tuesday the 6th of April 2021 at about 18:30 I was lost for words. Why? It was my last night in the DHO Club Room as the Wengen Manager / Secretary. An unexpected evening, because Mr Wilson had requested, organised and gathered some kind words for my departure. Please […]

Wonderful memories, special people & 20,000 vertical meters!

Wonderful Memories So many, for so many of us. Some of them always bring a smile, some can bring a tear. I’m thinking now about wonderful times in the Mountains. Wonderful times skiing, and memories of our wonderful families. This last week we’ve had some fun. Wonderful Photo Shoot! We met up with a photographer […]

2 Sunny days, 4 Snowy days and Mixed Emotions

Interesting Days As you know days in the mountain village of Wengen are often interesting. That is why so many of us keep coming back. Days in the mountains are interesting too. Because they can be so stable and so changeable. We had a very interesting 12 days welcoming Mark to the fold. And, following […]

A funky bunch, a funky race and a new leader!

We are a funky bunch! This week we welcomed Mark to the Village, the Club and the Mountain. You’ll all be able to meet him when you come next year. I think, everyone is looking forward to meeting up again, meeting in a way we all consider normal. Even here, we’ve not been restriction free. […]

A Success, a successor and memories

A Success Initially Traditionally around this time of year we set off in teams of 4 in search of success. The success we are searching is to complete the All In One. Success in the All In One. Well, that is to use all of the open cable uplift in the full Jungfrau Region in […]

Wengen, to share or not share, it’s an interesting question!

Sunny days I hope you’ve all enjoyed some sunny days of late? It has been hot hot hot in Wengen. The surrounding area too. Astonishingly even this morning (26th February 2021) the more northern facing slopes (this is pisted slopes) were still in magnificent condition. This is probably because of the angle of the sun […]

It isn’t busy everywhere

Busy, Busy, Busy! Well it should be. Certainly Sunday just gone was. It was crazy busy. Feeling very much overcrowded on the train. The weather was so good that every woman and her man and her dog had turned up. I think in Grindlewald busy didn’t really cover it. The car parks were full. So, […]

A special McMillan, Memorial, 96th Anniversary & a Birthday

McMillan a special event for special people. You are all special and all missed. Of course those no longer with us are missed in a different way. I think it is a special thing to remember people. This is why I love the song Auld Lang Syne. No one should be forgotten. We sing it […]

Great days, great company, great things!

A Great 95th Anniversary, that was last year. This year there is of course near to nobody here. Well, we have our own great bell ringer, a great story teller and many great village neighbours. But, that really only amounts to 10 or 15% of the normal number of members around this week. I miss […]

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What would you call it on the 25th?

Aye, What a special day! For nowt might make us happy as company and shelter. What then, to ski on a day which is a belter, fresh fallen snow and naebody there, I canae believe it, no time to stare. What would you call it? Fresh, magnificently groomed piste. Its grooves were clear to the eye […]